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TC ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????: http://www.jtca.org/symposium/2010/panel_tokyo.html#02

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Hi!! Long time no update. Now, let me share how I have been doing lately.

I moved to a new office (for me), Oracle Aoyama Center (aka. OAC). New place, new office layout, new machines, new network... everything is new and I has been overwhelmed for a month and a half. The most surprising is office cube. The cube is not actually a cube. It's a combination of small desks and no partition. I can talk to anyone without standing up! I can see who is sitting and who is out. It's a cultural shock ... but I am sure I will enjoy it.

Well, that is not "most" surprising. It is a window system. I have been working on UNIX for years, and I admit I am an application user, rather than command line developer, but ... still I was shocked to realize I have to do everything by mouse ! I have to fight against my desire "I want to type on command line!", and have been trying to find out how to do the same thing in the current environment. I want to use vi, run grep, write shell scripts... after many try & errors (many many errors), I came to know ... there is a way! Actually, there are many many convenient and useful ways! It is also great I can search on the internet to find many others comments and hints. Still I am struggling but I am sure there are hundreds of ways to do the same or even better things in a different environment. It's always me and how I think that determines what I can do. My new colleagues are all very supportive, patient with my stupid questions, and friendly. I really thank them.

Now, let me introduce some of what I have been working on lately: OpenOffice.org 3.3 translation/review, and TC Symposium 2010 (Panel Discussion about Open Source and Translators).
  1. OpenOffice.org 3.3 Translation Project
    TC Symposium 2010 (My panel discussion is on August 24th, 2pm at Shinjuku)

OpenOffice.org 3.3 finished UI translation and now is translating Help. We have a new translation project coordinator, Takeshi Otsuki, and the project is more and more powerful and energetic. We are discussing issues and questions by Translation mailing list. We have 1 week+ until Translation freeze date, and your feedback/comments are always welcome.

In the TC symposium, I will join the panel discussion titled "Openness makes Translation evolving! - Do you have alternative way to do your translation job ? Suggestion for another and free choice.": http://www.jtca.org/symposium/2010/panel_tokyo.html#02

We will answer the questions such as "what is Open and Open Source?", "What matters to translators ?", "What is the advantage for me?"... We also discuss what is the "core competency" for translators and what to do to acquire that skill it in the current changing situation - more and more people translate in Open Source projects, and more and more technologies are introduced such as Machine Translation. Please come and see us on August 24th from 2pm at Shinjuku!

Read More about [Talking about "Open" at TC Simposium?(JTCA)...