I will listen to to announcement call and post short comments in case something interesting was said or shown ...

18:54 - Waiting for the organizer
19:01 - still waiting .... "The webinar will begin shortly ... please remain on the line"
19:05 - waiting for Godot ... sorry ... D'Amore .... "The webinar will begin shortly ... please remain on the line"
19:06 Illumos - " Hope and Light Springs anew " is the headliner for this presentation ....
19:07 Technology Challenges - but Garret starts
19:08 slides will be on Illumos in a few moments ...
19:09 Illumous = Illum + OS = Light +OS
19:10 Some components are closed source in Opensolaris due to licensing (libc_i18n, NFS lock manager , some drivers not like mpt and some SPARC drivers , etc)
19:11 Most stuff is open-source...
19:12 That's a challenge to downstream depentents like other distributions
19:13 What's good ... ZFS Dtrace, Crossbow, Zones, etc ..
19:13 What's good ... People ... world class engineer, great community of enthusiasts , vibrant ecosystem ...
19:14 Code is open ... most of it at least
19:15 Derivative of OS/Net /aka ON
19:15 Tracks ON closely, 100% ABI compatible with Solaris ON
19:15 No closed code ... libc , kernel an drivers ....
19:16 Repo for experimental innovations ... can accept changes from contributors that might no be acceptable to upstream ("Oracle")
19:17 Illumos is just ON ... it's a core foundation blocks
19:17 Illumos stands independently from OpenSolaris ... own identity, can't be shut down or subverted by any corporate master
19:18 community governed by meritocracy .... (to fast for me
19:19 Anyone can join ! At the moment led by Garret D'amore ... a dozen other developers right now ...
19:20 Simon Phipps speaks at the moment .... sees Illumos as a great opportunity
19:21 switches back ti Garrett ...
19:23 Community Partners: Nexenta, Joyent, Greenviolet, Belenix, Schillix, berliOS, evercity
19:24 Illumos is not a competitor to Solaris
19:24 Oracle is invited to participate as peer
19:24 Individual employees are welcomed to participate as well
19:25 We want a collaborative and cooperative relationship with Oracle and other corporate partner
19:25 Bryan Cantrill speaks
19:26 Talks about the power to fork
19:27 Illumos gives the community the power to fork as no closed source components are in the OS ... that hindered the forking in the past ...
19:28 Joyent is thrilled about Illumous,
19:28 wants to integrate changes they were not able to integrate before ...
19:28 It boots, but there is a lot of work to do ..
19:29 Garret is speaking again
19:29 We don't represent a fork, but the ability to do so ...
19:30 What if the tap is turned off ? Garrett thinks that the community has the critical mass to continue
19:31 Illumos is the insurance the community needs ...
19:31 Project Goals: Self hosting SunOS deriv
19:31 Project Goals: Fully Open Source
19:32 Project Goals: 100% ABI compatible with 6Solaris
19:32 Project Goals: Legally usable by upstream ("Oracle") ...
19:33 Project Goals: No corporate dependencies !!!
19:33 Project Goals: Basis for other distributions
19:34 Admn Council : Garrett D'amore as a chairman ,
19:35 Dev Council: Non tech matters only ... resources (servers, mailing lists, etc)
19:35 Garret is tech lead at the moment
19:36 Initially members appointed
19:36 MAde up of developers with commit rights
19:37 Meritocracy driven ....
19:37 consensus driven
19:37 License restriction of acceptable licenses: BSD or MIT , CDDL with signed SCA ... other possibilities under investigations ...
19:38 Packaging: Illums is not a distro - there may be one at some point ...
19:39 Packaging: Binary ISO to be delivered with minimal bits needed to bootstrap a "real" distro
19:39 Packaging: Packaging Neutral
19:40 IPS manifests are "canonical" data
19:40 Illumos has a tool to generate .deb from IPS
19:41 Extensible to generate RPM,SVR4, etc.
19:41 supported hardware: x86 and amd64
19:41 supported "hardware": VMware and virtualbox
19:42 supported hardware: SPARC, not yet, but really soon, platforms supported as we have code or specifications
19:43 other plattforms, anticipate integration of other architecture ...
19:43 work done so far: replaced closed bits of libc (include full locale support)
19:44 work done so far: replacement for most critical closed source utilities
19:44 work done so far: replacement for some drivers
19:44 it boots! still needs some closed bits, but those will be replace very soon with open equivalents ...
19:45 perhaps full open source end of the year ... when nobody helps garrett !
19:45 missing: NFS/CIFS lock manager
19:46 full kcf module/daemon
19:46 trusted extensions
19:46 many more drivers
19:46 further dependency resolution
19:46 and all you can think of !
19:47 some links
19:48 preso ends
19:48 demo follows
19:55 Garett put the Illumos unter build 134 of Opensolaris ...
19:57 The ON bits underneath are 144.
19:57 Q&A begins
19:59 Merge points are the build taggings in the upstream codebase ... so biweekly merges ...
20:02 Is nexenta planed to be based of Illumous ? Garrett as the responsible person at Nexenta .... "A resounding Yes" as soon as it's ready to do so ...
20:03 Illumous goes Path of darwin? No ... in no way ... because it's not a product of Oracle!
20:05 binary release for download soon? yes ... for the OS/net part ...
20:07 There is another project running ... collaboration is welcomed from the Illumos side
20:10 How to help? Subscribe on the mailinglist of the project, introduce yourself , and start to participate.
20:10 call ends ....

without time, as not typed during call:
- It's not a distro, so it can't answer questions like "Is it server or desktop oriented" or "Which support models?" as both has to be answered by the people or company using Illumos for their distribution.

The preso is available at the Illumos.org website ...

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