The technology behind search on SunSolve was the Google Appliance Engine. As part of the Suntransition to Oracle, the search on will be replaced with Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES) on July 26, 2010. Within SunSolve the search engine will also be replaced with the SunSolve Search engine. To preserve the customer look and feel of Search, collection names are listed on the left hand side. Selecting a collection name will display the results for that collection. Please Note that there is no document count feature next to each collection name.

Changes in the July 2010 release:

The search results count is not available for the results. The results page has a results
page listing, not a number of results listing. To filter the results, select the collection name on the left to see the filtered results for the selected collection.
The Documentation collection on the left redirects users to the Sun Documentation Collection. Users will need to search
this collection via selecting the search option.
404 Errors ? New messaging and auto redirect on 404 to the SunSolve help site. The SunSolve help site advises users to search using keywords, as legacy content has new collection numbers which do not automatically redirect. Only the Active
used content is redirecting to the new number and associated URL. If you experience difficulty finding the new content, please make use of the Feedback link on SunSolve.
Subscription to Collections, such as Alerts, Patches etc., has changed. For Sun Alerts, after logging into SunSolve, search for the document ?SUN ALERT WEEKLY SUMMARY REPORT? document id 1021776.1
and select Subscribe to this Article. Each week when the article is updated you will be sent a notification. For Patches, the weekly update is no longer produced. To receive a summary list of new or updated patches, view a patch readme in SunSolve and select ?Subscribe to this collection?.

What next for SunSolve?

SunSolve will be replaced by MyOracleSupport. All users of SunSolve are recommended to select the Initial Access to My Oracle Support. Selecting the link will provide you information on how to get started and allow you to transition to the new look and feel.
SunSolve will be supported until customers until migrate to My Oracle Support, late in 2010.

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