Even though the year is half over (der!), here's an article that says that when planning to develop mobile apps for 2010, the BlackBerry Java ME environment is a great way to go. Well, shyeah! I could've told everyone that.
Use BlackBerry Java ME
Here's a quote: BlackBerry application development h?? a clear head ?t?rt over Apple ?n? Google ? 55% market share ?n North America, 20 million subscribers ?n App World ?n? app downloads approaching a million per day. S? the RIM platform offers a better view ?f h?w a mobile application w?ll look over the next year, ?r ?n the next 5 years. ...th? next ?h???? ?? the development environment ? ??th?r web development ?r Java Application development. Java ?? more code-centric, wh?l? web development ?? recommended f?r those more comfortable w?th Microsoft?s Visual Studio. Hmmm, let me get this straight. Java ME is for coders, while Web development is for... is for... hmmm, how to put this politely... "non-coders". That's a euphemism for "managers" isn't it? :-)

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