Why view news only once in a while. Download the News24 Java ME app for your cell phone and get news all the time, every hour of the day, news, news, news!
News 24 hours a day
Here's a quote: Features of the Java and Blackberry application: 1) Read the latest news, sport, finance, motoring and entertainment stories on your phone 2) Access 24.com mobile services ? Email, Weather, Astro, Lotto, TV Guide and much more 3) Submit your news photos directly to News24 - Take a photo using your phone camera or choose an existing photo on your phone - Add a description/comment (who, what, where) and your contact details to have the picture published on News24 - View a gallery of news photos submitted by other usersWell, as they say: No news is News24 if it doesn't have Java ME technology. ...Or something like that.

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