My two JavaOne talks this year have now been scheduled:

  • Monday, September 20, 11:30AM, Project Coin: Small Language Changes for JDK 7
    Abstract: Project Coin is an effort to select and implement a set of small language changes to enhance programmer productivity in JDK 7. Project Coin language changes include improved integer literals, strings in switch, and the diamond operator. This session will describe the language changes and demo IDE support. In addition, aspects of the selection process and criteria for general language evolution will be discussed.
    Tuesday, September 21, 8:00PM, Patents, Copyrights, and TMs: An Intellectual Property Primer for Engineers
    Abstract: Increasingly, software engineers interact with a complicated landscape of intellectual property (IP), from software patents, to various copyright licenses, to trademarks and trade secrets. Formulated in terms familiar to engineers, this session will summarize the different types of intellectual property, with a focus on U.S. law. Copyright terms, criteria for patentability, and freedom to operate will all be discussed with examples. The speaker is not a lawyer (he's an engineer) and this talk (and this abstract) does not constitute legal advice. However, the speaker has been issued several U.S. patents and has studied IP in a number of graduate courses.
Lots to do between now and September; see you in San Francisco!

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