The Java Tutorial has been migrated to its new home on You might want to bookmark the new location, however, redirects are in place. Any attempt to access the previous location at, is re-directed to the new location. We hope this will be a seamless transition for our many tutorial readers, but please let us know if you encounter any problems.
This migration of the tutorial also coincides with the JDK 6 Update 21 release.
The following updates are included in this release:
  • Customizing the Loading Experience explains how to provide a customized loading progress indicator for a rich Internet application, a feature first introduced in the JDK 6 Update 18 release and enhanced in the Java SE 6 Update 21 release.A new trail introducing Java API for XML Processing (JAXP) 1.4 technology. (This was previously released on
Note that it is not yet possible to download the July 7th, 2010 edition of the tutorial. We are working out some logistics, but it should be available for download in the next couple of weeks.
Thanks for your patience.
-- Sharon Zakhour

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