JDK 7 build 99 is available. Build 99 contains changes to add support for JSR 292 in C1 and C2 client and server JIT compilers on the SPARC architecture, updating HotSpot to version 19 build 03, as well as JSR 292 adjustments to method handle invocation in the javac compiler and the class library implementation. You can check out the list of changes for details, and get the source code.

JDK 7 build 100 has been postponed to July 8th.

This year's JVM Language Summit is scheduled to take place on July 26-28 at Oracle Corporation's Sun Santa Clara campus. The tentative agenda features sessions on different languages on top of the JVM and about different JVM implementations. Recordings of some of previous year's talks are available online.

Over at Project Coin, Joe Darcy blogged about the progress on the Project Coin feature automatic resource management (ARM) blocks.

On the Project Lambda mailing list Maurizio Cimadamore updated the Project Lambda prototype with support for lambda conversion, improved support for diagnostics during lambda conversion and added an accessibility check to lambda conversion. In addition, he updated the Project Lambda Mercurial source code repository to JDK 7 build 99, making it easier for interested developers to build the prototype out of the box following the usual JDK 7 build instructions.

Last but not least, Joe Darcy announced the release of OpenJDK 6 build 20. Beyond rebranding changes and updating HotSpot to version 17, this build contains numerous additional fixes described in the change summary. Joe Darcy published the regression test results for this build along with the release announcement.

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