Together with the forum/mailing-list and the issue tracker, the GlassFish wiki is were the community meets and collaborates on the future of GlassFish. This wiki has moved over the week-end to a new infrastructure on

We anticipate this will provide a robust infrastructure (better uptime) via a great wiki engine (Confluence) and better overall security. While the older content is still available, note that it is now in read-only mode.

The migration of the GlassFish Wiki is now complete. From now on, please use : You'll find a few notes on the migration (FAQ, Wiki syntax, Known issues, ...) here.

Former Sun employees already have an account: / LDAP password.
Oracle employees should apply for an account here.
Other community members should apply for one here (assuming you don't have one already).

We're hoping to see you all on our new wiki!

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