Since I am doing an internal training on the Intel announcement, I have been reading a lot of announcement docs and blog entries and naturally this got me thinking a lot about positionning and added value of our new servers in a new company.

Of course it is not just about number of drives and memory (although we beat the competition there too) but about value of the overall offering to an enterprise customer. Consider the old story @ Sun: we sold Solaris to enterprise customers using SPARC with virtualization technologies such as containers and logical domains - now Oracle VM for SPARC - but when the customer wanted linux we were up against VMWare and other Intel servers. Now we have a much more holistic offering, and the key is that our premium support offering includes Oracle Enterprise Linux, Oracle VM and Oracle Solaris. So the customer can run them all. If you buy an Oracle x86 server with premium support, you can virtualize with Oracle VM and run any number of OEL or Solaris VMs and get support in one place... and did I mention all of this software is free ? Think it is an entry level product with none of the high-end features like moving virtual machines ? Think again and check out the features. And we go further... as Marc Hamilton points out in his blog entry, we are the only ones that can support the new Sun Fire x4800 server with 1TB of memory and 64 CPU cores in Oracle VM. Imagine a datacenter that runs the whole enterprise on one of those beasts, connected to another one remotely for high availability.

But we go further because this is the virtualization story you can get pretty much anywhere, but consider Oracle VM templates; you can download a template virtual machine for Siebel for example, populate it with your parameters and quickly deploy it. None of the hassle of building it yourself, all supported and fast. And then we can take you in the realm of everyone's dream; Oracle Enterprise Manager. Other Intel and virtualization solutions need yet another software to try and manage it all, and most solutions to manage virtualization are pretty new. With Enterprise Manager Ops Center you can manage the hardware, os deployment and patching, but with Enterprise Manager on top we can automate, monitor your SLAs, apps and business goals. Everything integrated. Software Hardware Complete.

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