Monty says:
During the last 2 years, I have seen a lot of the people that originally worked at MySQL AB and who joined Sun together with me, go away in different directions. More than 50 % of them have already left Sun/Oracle. Matthew Montgomery commented...
I'm curious where you are getting that > 50% number? How would you have any access to that sort of HR information? Sounds like one of those numbers that falls under the "83% of all statistics are made up" rule.
And Monty answered
The MySQL Alumini in linkedin group has close to 200 members, a majority that also joined Sun and this group doesn't include all people that have left. I have also heard the number 50 % from MySQL people that recently left Oracle, so I have good reasons to believe that this figure is reasonable accurate.
Then I left a comment, but I haven't seen it published yet. So here goes

Your figure is far from being accurate.

The MySQL Alumni group includes at least 75 people (hand counted, there may be more) who are still working with MySQL at Oracle.

The Sakila Alumni is a group of former MySQL AB employees. I am also part of that group, but I still work with the MySQL team at Oracle. You'd be also pleased to acknowledge that, as of January 16, 2008, when MySQL AB was acquired by Sun, the number of all-time hired employees was way over 600. On that day, there were already more than 200 former MySQL AB employees.

If you have better information that doesn't come from hearsay, I'd like to know.

Actually, if you go to the MySQL Alumni group on LinkedIn, and click on "members", and then on "advanced search", you get this summary:

So, according to LinkedIn, out of 194 Alumni, 49 are at Oracle, 49 at Sun Microsystems, and 21 in a time machine still at MySQL. That makes 120 people out of 194 who are still with the team, unless their "current company" is not up to date.

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