Ah lovely Anphoid, how have you fragmented? Let me count the ways...
Here's an article at VisionMobile by Andreas Constantinou describing the dire state of Android fragmentation, and the future looks even bleaker.
Dire state of Android fragmentation
Here's a quote: Android fragmentation is only getting started. Research Director Andreas Constantinou breaks down the 3 dimensions of Android fragmentation and argues how Android will become a victim of its own success Heck, forget taking the top 10,000 apps, take the top Android 10 apps and try running all of them on every single Android device out there. Have you learned nothing at all from Java ME technology, Android? Even in our current state in Java ME, we are nowhere as fragmented as the last 5 Android releases in 12 months (1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1 and recently 2.2).

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