Some times you put little things in your code to make your life easier, and then you realize, "Maybe someone else can use this also". When back in 1978 I changed to using a full screen editor I thought "Wow, I'll never go back to a line editor.". And then of course when I arrived in the Unix world I had to take one gigantic step back and had to use a Very Inefficient line editor. All the primitive tricks needed to insert, delete, scroll, etc, just became too much for me to deal with so I spent less than an hour and wrote a primitive full screen editor in Java. No need to memorize ctrl/alt/del/:/q/r/left/right/up/down/a/b/c/d/e/...../z/zzzz (I am falling asleep just typing these zzzzzzzs).

So when I quickly need to create or edit a Vdbench parameter file I just enter (vdbench 502) './vdbench edit' and I am back in the 21st century.


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