Hi All,

Just upgraded to B142, Darren was correct the sound issues have gone away.

I've got access to the Oracle blog page, java.sun.com again, something to do with a nwam location I setup called "home", I went back to automatic location and I have access again. I'll have to look into the nwam files, see what I busted.

I have a 7" Android slate that I'm testing, it was $140 USD, free shipping from China.

It has Android 1.7.2, it's pretty good when it's plugged in, it still only gets about 1 1/2 hours run time with the screen off.

I'm still learning how and what you can change within the system, luckily with my own Android 2.1 X86 version, when I break it, it does not take much time to reload onto the hard drive.

I'm installed on the D10C 10" touchscreen Intel Atom netbook, everything is working fine and the performance is amazing.


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