Well I didn't think I was going to be living this myself in such short order, but as noted in my previous blog entry So long, and thanks for all the fish , I am moving on to new things.

On Monday I will officially become the CTO of Asset Science LLC. We will be doing mobile and wireless sensor based applications, along with some ERP and factory automation for Cell Phone Refurbishing. The web site is at http://www.assetscience.com, but there is not much there. We are working on it

So the mobile and wireless sensor applications part makes sense to most people, as I've been doing mobile applications for the past 10 years, and have been doing wireless sensor based applications for the past 3 years. This should be clear by my blog entries over the past 3 years

But the Cell phone refurbishing business is a new one. It turns out that this is quite a vibrant business. At first I thought these companies took our old dead phones and tried to make them work again, in order to resell to markets where cheaper phones were needed. Well I was wrong. The phones being refurbished are the ones that people return as part of their insurance plan with companies like Asurion. So these are recent and hot phones. To give you an idea of volume, for just one model of phone, this one company refurbishes 30K of these per month. Its pretty amazing.

So, in keeping with a post on my personal blog Blog continuity plan, what's that you say ?, I am doing my last blog entry as a pointer to my next gig

Thank you for listening, this is Eric Arseneau signing off for the last time.

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