Samuel Johnson (the dictionary writer) once observed, “Language is the dress of thought.” This is true enough, and I suppose it implies that the JVM Language Summit is a clothing show. (Should we meet in Paris?) More boldly, Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote, “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” In those terms, the Summit is about building the world, at least those parts that run on silicon, and as that world becomes multi-core, our languages are becoming a limiting factor. In any case, for me, the Summit is a chance to visit, chat, and dream big with you fellow world builders (or tailors) out there.
Next month, we are once again gathering a room full of language and VM developers at Oracle’s Sun Santa Clara Campus, for the three-day meeting known as the JVM Language Summit. This year (like before) we have an excellent set of speakers lined up. I have just posted the agenda.
If you missed the call for speakers, but are a VM or language implementor who wants to have an extended chat with your colleagues about where the JVM is going, consider coming to Santa Clara on Jul 26-28. There are still some participant slots available. Space is limited, because this is designed as a one-room event. If you can’t come, you may also enjoy the recorded talks from previous years, and those from this year, since we are planning to record them.
P.S. Samuel Johnson was quoting a well-known Roman language researcher, who elsewhere noted that language design is almost a solved problem, as follows: “Atqui plerosque videas haerentes circa singula et dum inveniunt et dum inventa ponderant ac dimetiuntur.” (“When our language is good Latin, significant, elegant and aptly arranged, why should we labor for anything more?” Institutio Oratoria, VIII.0.30, pub. A.D. 95.) Luckily for us aficionados, language design continues. (To all Quintilian fans: Yes, I took him out of context. Sorry.)

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