One of my colleague came to me with this below error :

Error detected while processing /home/sriramn/.vim/plugin/cscope.vim:

line 45:E568: duplicate cscope database not added

Hit ENTER or type command to continue

earlier in the day. Since the solution is pretty straight forward and there does not seems to be a clear resolution on this within "google" , I thought would share the solution here just in case some one ran into this very similar issue .. I am not a big fan of IDE's like Netbeans or Eclipse and would like to call myself a "Happy VIM camper". Though, I occasionally love writing PHP code in Netbeans .

Okay, coming back to this issue : This error pops up when VIM is already compiled with 'CSCOPE' module and you have also installed "cscopemenu.vim" plugin from here. To fix this issue, you will need to simply edit the file "~/.vim/plugin/cscopemenu.vim" and edit the line :

set cscopeverbose


set nocscopeverbose

You can also do the same by doing this by adding this line "set nocscopeverbose " to your ~/.vimrc file as well.

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