There is an old saying in germany, when you are really upset: "I can't eat enough to vomit the amount i would like". This is a perfect description of my thoughts about the last botch of the my least favorite news outlet in the Internet since Ashlee Vance left the building. Well, I never considered Mr. Prickett as a a friend of Sun, but what he starts now looks like some kind of a crusade. The newest article written by this guy is just the last attempt to spin everything in the worst possible way. The problem with this guy is, that he knows almost nothing about Sun future plans and doesn't seem to have any decent sources inside of Sun. And so he speculates and fabulates based on some cursory searches at Google.

Of course information is sparse at the moment, of course we don't tell everything to everyone (and maybe especially not to every journalist) in public, while you can hear a lot of infos under NDA. Oracle is different about announcing news ... perhaps not everyone is happy with that ... but that the way things are.
.... but no one said anything about plans for Solaris 11 (which was due around the middle of 2010, according to Sun's plan from 2009) or for OpenSolaris.
Sorry, Mr. Prickett ... just because you speculated that way and some "sources" told you so, a product isn't due. Perhaps i should remember you of your own article back in 2009 you wrote in your own article from 2009.
Sun hasn't said much publicly about Solaris 11's launch date.
Yes, Ed Screven from Oracle didn't mentioned Solaris in his interview in the Oracle Magazine ... however if you just look into the same July/August-Oracle Magazine there is a different article with an own "Virtualization and Oracle Solaris ". John Fowler, now EVP at Oracle is cited with:
The Oracle Solaris team has been working on the next revision of the operating system.

"This upgrade will be major and revolutionary, just as the Solaris 10 upgrade was in 2005," says Fowler. "We're reinventing everything from packaging to core scalability and reliability features. Oracle Solaris is a leading platform for Oracle Database, and Oracle is investing extensively in core technologies around Oracle Solaris to provide even more robust, reliable, and high-performance options for customers."
BTW: This was written in the article that is featured at first on the title page. But perhaps that wouldn't fit into the spin that is inherent to the whole article.

And regarding the Screven interview ... what the hell do you expect in an interview led by Rich Schwerin, a Senior Linux Product Manager at Oracle? A discussion about AIX, HP-UX and Solaris? Please ... don't insult yourself. As Mr. Prickett wasn't able to post the correct link (he forgot the .html in his article), this last - perhaps imporant - information fragment isn't easy to get ....

Regarding OpenSolaris 2010.03 ... everyone and your grandma knows that we didn't released OpenSolaris in 2010.03 ... as the Foxwell presentation states, the plan is 1H 2010.

And, Mr. Prickett, think what you want about your current employer, but the Register is not that important, that nobody dares to launch products without telling it the Register And dear Mr. Prickett ... with such articles you will never get higher in the rumour food chain No ... your article is just plain spin doctoring. And to be honest ... after looking on my wrist watch i'm sure i invested too much time in answering on a really bad piece of IT journalism ... again ...

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