The content within SunSolve has been through a number of knowledge management tool migrations. Previously SunSolve was redirecting legacy document id bookmarks for you. SunSolve today is only redirecting content that is in the format /

If you have bookmarks which have the sequence / in the format, then you will see a 404 Error when using your bookmarks. All collections starting with the 2X- series have been migrated through 2 knowledge tools and no longer have the information needed to perform a double redirection.

If you have bookmarked content starting with / you will see in the browser that the URL was updated to / This format indicates that the content was migrated to Oracle's knowledge base. You can view these collections using MyOracleSupport. If the document continues to displays with the / then the document will NOT be viewable in MyOracleSupport and will no longer be accessible past Dec 2010.

If you experience 404 Errors or issues and are looking for assistance, Please use the Feedback on SunSolve to log a SunSolve support ticket. The SunSolve support team will investigate and find the updated document number for you or advise you if this document is no longer available.

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