I was in Berlin for the LinuxTag trade fair on Friday, June 11. It was a great day to be there because it was the day of the UX meetup and the OpenOffice.org booth party. The day began with the very lively and informative gathering of 9 people (plus one more who showed up after it was over but stayed on for the continued discussion in the hallway: see pics on wiki) for the UX workshop announced by Christoph Noack on Usability in FOSS. That was fantastic because there were people from several different types of companies, including Novell, pidoco and Apliki, as well as all sorts of backgrounds: ranging from psychologists and HMI experts to software developers and even a lawyer.

Then I proceeded to work at the OOo booth for the rest of the day, including handing out soft preztels at our very successful booth party. I didn't have to point out the beer: All those crates were hard to overlook! Thanks go out to Jacqueline and Thomas and Joerg and Co. who organized it all.

On the train on the way back to Hamburg I may have been able to motivate a few more people to download and try the OpenOffice.org office suite. I was still in my trade fair t-shirt, so I just kept talking! People who have met me will understand that this is unusual for me. ;-) ha ha! No matter where I go, I will always put in a good word for this wonderful software and open source community.

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