As Sun Microsystems, and SeeBeyond before it, Oracle provides support for integration of systems which use HL7 v2.x messaging. Unlike Sun, and SeeBeyond before it, Oracle treats HL7 messaging as Business to Business exchanges (B2B) and uses the B2B part of the Oracle SOA Suite to accomplish the task [1].

There are numerous articles on Oracle SOA Suite and on Oracle B2B. To wade through this material to get to a concise set of steps needed to get started with HL7 messaging is a chore precisely because there is so much material about the SOA Suite and so little on how to deal with HL7 suing it. I set off to work out what it takes to do HL7 messaging and to document it for myself and others.

This article walks through the installation and configuration of all Oracle software necessary to implement HL7 v2.x messaging as development / experimentation environment. It assumes a single machine with limited resources.

I expect that there will be subsequent articles in this series which will use this infrastructure to implement specific HL7 v2.x examples.

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