Well it?s been a while since my last blog. Users would have seen many changes as SunSolve transitioned to an Oracle look and feel. Behind the scenes the SunSolve team have worked hard to maintain the system whilst in a very transitional environment with many boundary systems being relocated and transitioned to Oracle.

If you are a regular SunSolve user you would have noticed the adverts advising MyOracleSupport. MyOracleSupport known as MOS, is the Oracle Support portal. All SunSolve customers will be migrating to MyOracleSupport during 2010. Early adopters can go today, create an single sign on account, login and associate a contract; much like you do on SunSolve and have a look around. The Sun content that is in SunSolve is now in MOS.

Already users have noticed things are changing on SunSolve. A quick summary of the changes:

1. SunAlerts became Alerts, to subscribe: to the weekly Alert Weekly Summary Report, view the Alert 1021776.1 and in the right column under "Page Tools", select "Subscribe to This Article". To Unsubscribe, select Update Account and then "View/Edit" Subscriptions".

2. Document Id?s have changed. This means your personal document bookmarks will no longer work. You will need to enter the search term to find the document. Previously as content has been migrated between knowledge authoring tools we maintained the legacy numbers for ease of use. Moving to the new knowledge tool does not allow that.

3. Support has improved, if you need help there is a Help link which addresses many customer questions, if this does not resolve your issue then you can use the Feedback link or select the floating + symbol. Be sure to enter your email address so the support team can respond to you.

4. Entitlement ? to patches is divided up into 4 classes. Solaris, Software, HardwareUpdates and VintageSolaris. Firmware which is covered by the HardwareUpate entitlement requires users to have a Warranty or System Contract. [Learn

5. Stability ? SunSolve has experience many stability issues due to physical location moves, dns changes, boundary systems being relocated and boundary systems outages. The SunSolve team is working to ensure the system is maintained and kept as stable as possible during this transition period.

6. Finally a Tip - If you are looking for firmware updates, prior to searching check your Entitlements. Select Update Account, do you see HardareUpdates? if you say Yes! then you are good to search for firmware. If you do not see HardwareUpdates, you will need to add HardwareUpdate entitlements. On the SunSolve home page, navigate to Enable your Sun System for Support, and make use of the Validate Entitlement by feature, select ?serial number? from the drop down list and enter your serial number in the search text field. The tool will display back to you the Warranty, Support Contract or advice if there is no coverage for your hardware. Write down the contract number, then select "Update Account" add the contract number supplied, and select Submit. Your entitlements will redisplay showing HardwareUpdates. Now you are good to download Firmware.

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