The JDK 7 build 97 is available. Build 97 contains changes in corba, langtools and jdk areas, adding support for OpenType/CFF fonts, the XRender Java2D pipeline feature, and support for reading of concatenated gzip files, as well as a set of improvements across the class library. You can check out the list of changes for details, and get the source code.

On the Project Lambda mailing list Brian Goetz posted his thoughts on exception transparency, one of the features being considered for that project.

In Project Coin, Joe Darcy opened design discussions about a new annotation type to suppress varargs warnings.

Gary Benson announced that an IcedTea build of OpenJDK using the Shark JIT compiler from the Zero-Assembler Project passed the Java SE 6 TCK on Fedora 12 running on x86_64.

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