We regularly track adoption using a number of metrics and report back, so... how are things going under Oracle?

First a caveat that these are early days in our integration and a number of infrastructure issues (location of web pages, underlying services) are in transition. This is most apparent in downloads but downloads also impacts other indicators. I don't expect things to settle down until late in the year, but I wanted to report on the current status.

My favorite tool to track mail adoption is MarkMail - it provides many ways to slice and dice the data; I'm including at left several graphs representing different mail aliases - click on the images to go to the web site and there you can do more data mining if you want. Note that the last column corresponds to month-to-date for today, 3pm PT, June 10th.

The first graph shows USERS and May 2010 was a noticeable drop from the previous months. The drop is not as bad Year-to-Year (912-902) but still something to look in more detail, so I next looked at DEV.

DEV shows a small month-to-month drop in May, part of a larger increase over the last few months - no surprises there as this is the beginning of the GlassFish 3.1 development cycle; which is even more noticeably on ADMIN. The boundaries between these aliases are not enforced and are somewhat fluid, so, combining the three we see: USERS+DEV+ADMIN which shows a bit of a drop in May but nothing very significant.

Next step is to look at ALL the GlassFish aliases. That shows a reasonable Month-to-Month movement in the last few months, but they also show a big spike from last year... which, is mostly due to the high income of ISSUES around the 3.0 release, so no surprises there.

So, what happened with USERS on May? I am not sure, but I think what we were seeing was that the core Oracle developers were very busy getting 3.1 started and that impacted a bit the follow-up of mail threads. I'd spend more time on it if the trend went down, but, based on the partial data for June, the month should show full recovery on the USERS traffic; we will see.

I'll post additional trends indicators in a few days.

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