Oracle's Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 serveris an excellent platform for implementingOracle Essbase as demonstrated by the Aggregate Storage Option (ASO) benchmark.

  • Oracle's Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 server with Oracle Solaris 10 and usingOracle's Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array system hasachieved world record performance running theOracle Essbase Aggregate Storage Option benchmark using Oracle Hyperion Essbase the Oracle 11g database.

  • The workload used over 1 billion records in a 15dimensional database with millions of members. Oracle Hyperion is a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware.

  • Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array system provides more than 20% improvementout of the box compared to a mid-size fiber channel disk array fordefault aggregation and user based aggregation.

  • The Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 server with Sun Storage F5100 Flash Arraysystem and Oracle Hyperion Essbase running onOracle Solaris 10 provides less than1 second query response times for 20K users in a 15dimensional database.

  • Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array system and Oracle Hyperion Essbase providesthe best combination for large Essbase database leveraging ZFS andtaking advantage of high bandwidth for faster load and aggregation.

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware provides a family of complete, integrated, hotpluggable and best-of-breed products known for enabling enterprisecustomers to create and run agile and intelligent businessapplications. Oracle Hyperion's performance demonstrates why so manycustomers rely on Oracle Fusion Middleware as their foundation forinnovation.

Performance Landscape

System Data Base Size Data Load Def Agg User Aggregation Sun M5000, 2.53 GHz SPARC64 VII 1000M 269 min 526 min 115 min Sun M5000, 2.4 GHz SPARC64 VII 400M 120 min 448 min 18 min less time means faster result.

Results and Configuration Summary

Hardware Configuration:

  • Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000
    • 4 x SPARC64 VII, 2.53 GHz
      64 GB memory
  • Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array
    • 40 x 24 GB Flash modules
Software Configuration:

  • Oracle Solaris 10
    Oracle Solaris ZFS
    Installer V
    Oracle Hyperion Essbase Client v
    Oracle Hyperion Essbase v
    Oracle Hyperion Essbase Administration services 64-bit
    Oracle Weblogic 9.2MP3 -- 64 bit
    Oracle Fusion Middleware
    Oracle RDBMS 64-bit
Benchmark Description

The benchmark highlights how Oracle Essbase can support pervasivedeployments in large enterprises. It simulates an organization thatneeds to support a large Essbase Aggregate Storagedatabase with over one billion data items, large dimension with 14 million members and 20 thousand active concurrent users, each operating in mixed mode: ad-hoc reporting and report viewing.The application for this benchmark was designed tomodel a scaled out version of a financial business intelligenceapplication.

The benchmarks simulates typical administrative and user operations in an OLAP application environment. Administrative operations include: dimension build, data load, and data aggregation. Usertesting modeled a total user base of 200,000 with 10 percentactively retrieving data from Essbase.

Key Points and Best Practices

  • Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array systemhas been used to accelerate theapplication performance.
  • Jumbo frames were enabled to faster data loading.
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Disclosure Statement

Oracle Essbase,, results 5/20/2010.

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