Another new feature in NetBeans 6.9 is a spellchecker. You can switch on / off the checking for different files in Option dialog.

In the dialog you can add and remove new dictionaries and also set the locale - which dictionary will be used for spell checking. When you want to add new dictionary you have to have a file with the words. The format of the dictionary file is very simple, just every word on new line. Also you have to say to NetBeans in which encoding is the dictionary file and for which locale the file should be used.

Unfortunately today I have noticed a bug (issue #187425). When you add your dictionary, then the original disappear. There is a workaround for this, delete the folder dict from your userdir. It should be located in {userdir}/modules/dict . The bug should be fixed and should be available in the patch release for NetBeans 6.9.

The spellchecker works also for PHP files, where the HTML text is checked. If there is a word that is not in the dictionary, then is underline and tooltip says that it is Misspelled Word.

When you place a caret inside the misspelled word, then on the left side yellow bulb appears. You can click on the bulb to open the popup window with hints or you can also open the window through ALT + ENTER shortcut.

As you can see on the picture above, there are hints that suggest the possible correction or you can add new word to a dictionary. There are two possibilities, where you can add the unknown word. Project dictionary and private dictionary. Private dictionary is your dictionary that is global - the word is known in all projects. The project dictionary is located in metadata folder in project.xml file and if you share the metadata via a VCS, then the dictionary is shared also with other people.

There was not enough time to integrate fully the spellchecker into PHP and there is a lot of space for improvements, like the spellcheker could check php comments, the locale could be per folder or file etc. I hope that there will be enough time next release to improve it.

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