Seems like I've had this blog forever and not posted anything.
Once upon a time I used to support printing under Solaris and have taken calls from NeWSPrint, LPD printing under SunOS 4.1.x and all manner of printing issues from 2.5 all the way upto Solaris 10.Sure we had some issues in the beginning and every now and then a bug would crop up, but generally the printing in Solaris since 2.6 was pretty scalable, robust and worked very well for network printers, local printers and more.
What it didn't do was a wide range of printers:
Does your printer support Postscript sir/madam?
No, what about Postscript?

Whilst Postscript generates a lovely page and is flexible over page layout, most printers these days do not support Postscript thanks to the extra costs associated with a licencing overhead.A few years ago we brought into Solaris the foomatic printer drivers, bolting on foomatic PPD files into the Solaris printing SVR4 framework.
Now it seems in OpenSolaris it looks like we've gone a step further and abandoned SVR4 printing, the Sun code and gone completely with CUPS.
I'm still figuring out the command line options (lpadmin -p queue -m netstandard -o ... is just so engraved into my brain) but after setting up a default queue to an old HP Laserjet 4000M workhorse I noticed my test page just looked awful compared to Solaris 10 and trusty old postprint.After fiddling with the settings I've got a reasonable facsimile for text documents:# lpoptions -p cornholio -o cpi=12 -o lpi=7 -o page-left=43 -o page-right=43 -o page-top=43 -o page-bottom=43
The text is now a comparable size to the old postprint filter and the borders are around 1.5cm as before. Now if only I could make the font, well, less *bold*
Progress, pah!

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