BOLT has announced that their Java ME tech-enabled browser has rendered its 1 billionth Web page. Yes, Dr. Evil, that's one... millio... no, BILLION Web pages! Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha, ha!
That's one buh-illion with a 'B'
Here's a quote: BOLT is a free download for people using J2ME mobile phones -- approximately 75 percent of the world's estimated 4 billion mobile phones -- and BlackBerry smartphones. The most fully featured mobile browser, BOLT includes many features not available in competing mobile browsers... Yes, that's 3 billion mobile phones that run Java ME technology. Let's see how long iDrone and Anphoid take to reach that number. If we look at the numbers today, there's a piddly 75 million current iDrone users versus 3 BILLION Java ME users. Buh-illion, with a Buh, not a Muh. That's a lot of zeroes that iDrone and Anphoid need to catch up. :-)

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