The following features were declared as candidates for future removal(EOL= End of Life). Note that EOL does not mean that they WILL beremoved in a future release; rather that they MAY be removed. Thisdeclaration is made so users can plan on alternatives and remove dependence on these features
  • libcx
    • This library is now considered obsolete. The contents of libcx are available in the system library libc
  • Interval BLAS (IBLAS) library
    • The Interval BLAS library (libsuniperf} was providedforusers of interval arithmetic and is no longer used.
  • Fortran 77 Libraries
    • The Fortran 77 compiler is no longer supported so theselibrariesnot needed. Full Fortran 77 compatibility is provided by the Fortran 95libraries.
  • Runtime Checking in the dbx Debugger
    • Runtime checking (RTC)lets you automatically detect runtime errors,such as memory access errors and memory leak, in a C, C++, or Fortranapplication during the development phase. It also lets you monitormemory usage.
    • Much of the data generated by runtime checking is now availablethrough theMemoryError Discovery Tool (Discover), which is included in the OracleSolaris Studio Express 6/10 release.
  • -compat=4 option in the C++ compiler
    • The -compat=4 option sets the C++ compiler tocompatibility mode. That is, it sets language and binary compatibilityto that of the 4.0.1, 4.1, and 4.2 compilers. It sets the __cpluspluspreprocessor macro to 1 and the __SUNPRO_CC_COMPATpreprocessor macro to 4.
    • The default value for the -compat option is 5, whichsetslanguage and binary compatibility to ANSI/ISO standard mode.

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