Yum, yum. Are we talking about better recipes?

OK, the title of this blog was a bit misleading. We are actually talking about Better Defaults, which are the focus of the most recent Renaissance status presentation, which you can munch on if you find time for a light snack.

The focus is still "Thinning Out Impress" so we are getting OpenOffice.org Impress fit by focusing on healthy changes in the Impress default settings diet. ;-) Thanks again to everyone who added dietary advice.

Have a look at the presentation before you go on your daily jog. Or just eat a celery stick while you watch the videos: I heard that you burn more calories chewing celery sticks than your body intakes from the celery. I hope it is true, because I'm not much of a jogger, but I love celery. :-)

Best wishes to everyone for a healthy life!


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