Today I would like to mention a new feature in NetBeans 6.9 that allows run terminal in NetBeans. The module is marked as experimental, but it can be useful, when you don't want to switch between a terminal and NetBeans. You can open it from the main menu Window -> Output -> Terminal (Experimental).

When you invoke the action new window is opened in the output window area. The terminal window has two icons on left side.

The first icon opens terminal on local computer. You can do everything as usual.

The behavior is the same as in the real terminal. You can run processes, other programs etc.

The second icon opens remote terminal. You have to have SSH access to the remote server to use this capabilities.

The pictures are from my Ubuntu machine. I have not tried it on other platforms yet. If you have any problem with this module, please file a bug in our database for cnd product, terminalemulator category.

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