Perhaps you have wondered about this Flattr button on the right sidebar of my blog. Flattr is an interesting idea. It's an micropayment service to give the author some money for it's work when you like it.

It's an interesting model. You fill your account with a certain amount of money and define how much money you want to spend per month. When you want to give the person some money, you click on the flattr button. At the end of the month the monthly amount of money is divided by the number of clicks you made on the flattr button. When you have clicked on 100 flattr buttons the week and defined a monthly value of 2 every click is worth 2ct, when you defined 20 per month and clicked on 20 flattr buttons, every click is worth 1.

At the end of the month all your money you want to spend in a month is distributed to all the people with flattr buttons you've clicked on on the basis on the number of clicks for the receiver and the value per click.

You will find a nice video explanation of this model on the web site of flattr

As i think it's a nice idea, i support it by using it. As i don't want this orange-blue logo all over my blog i just put it once in my sidebar. I don't think and i don't want to earn money by this ... just alone to cover the costs of the root server would need a lot of clicks on the flattr logo and i think i will donate this money anyway.

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