"netbeans.conf" is a file most NetBeans IDE users know about, since that's where the IDE's user directory and JVM arguments are defined. The same is true for any application created on top of the NetBeans Platform, i.e., each application has its own configuration file.
When you choose "Build ZIP Distribution" in the IDE, or if you run the related Ant target on the command line, the default configuration file from "harness/etc/app.conf" is added to the ZIP distribution of your application. However, what if you don't like that default configuration file? I.e., you have your own custom configuration file, how do you get that into your product distribution? Since everything is built on Ant, it's a question of creating an Ant target that copies in the appropriate configuration file.
However, from 6.9 onwards, there's a new property that you can set, pointing to the configuration file you'd like to replace the default configuration file. Then, when the ZIP target is run, your own configuration file is used instead of the default.app.conf=nbproject/my.conf
I've set the above in the application's "project.properties" file. The "my.conf" contains a copy of the default configuration, together with some customizations. Now when I run the ZIP target, my own configuration file is included, using, as the name of the "conf" file, the branding name, which is set as follows in the same "project.properties" file:app.name=taekwondoappbranding.token=${app.nam e}
Here's the related change: http://hg.netbeans.org/main-golden/rev/9f10d5cbc0aa
Pretty handy improvement.

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