Of the two people making my list of "Current Favorite Two (Male) People on My Favorite People List", one is named Scott Palmer. More about him some other time. The other is named "Thomas G." The G could stand for anything, as could the Thomas. I know not who that person is nor from whence he hails nor when he was instantiated. All of that notwithstanding, I post in its entirety the issue he posted (Feb 02, 2010) on the MyEclipseIDE site (here).
Let it be known that I endorse each and every word found in the text below.
Hello everybody!

First and foremost to all holy war guys out there: This is a seriously meant feature request and a seriously meant starting point for a discussion. This is not about who belongs to which world and this is not about ideological blindfolds. This is about bridging worlds. Therefore I really ask you to stay away and to not mess arround here.

To all the open minded ones out there: You are welcome to share your thoughts and I would be very glad if you did so :-)

******* The Context

I guess all of you have observed the ongoing acquisition of SUN finally now being bought by Oracle. This is to me a very interesting situtation. Currently Oracle declares a strong commitment regarding the SUN portfolio, especially when it comes to developer tools. So for the moment we end up with JDeveloper, OEPE and NetBeans. In his webcast Ted Farrell even especially mentioned Oracle's awareness of the importance of the NetBeans Platform.

Interesting: Oracle a strategic member of the Eclipse foundation stresses the importance of the NetBeans Platform.

Question: Could that be the tipping point when two worlds which could not be further apart for a long time are actually beginning to grow together - The two worlds obviously being Eclipse on the one side and NetBeans on the other.

Just for the moment assume the above question to be answered with YES.

So from this point on the hardest work is actually already done ;-)

******* The Problem

Some time ago I decided to port our long, long internally used trashy VBA applications to a solid JAVA solution. This cries for rich client and it cries for modularity. What I do not consider sensible is write all of this stuff myself. Consequently I want to take advantage of a rich client platform. Further a requirement will be the usage of the Swing UI toolkit.

So now the situation I am faced with is that I make heavy usage of MyEclipse as IDE and want to write a NetBeans Platform application.

******* The Solution / Feature Request

I would love to see Eclipse/MyEclipse support NetBeans Platform application development. So I could take advantage of - and yes it is - the only modular Swing based rich client platform currently available and still use the development environment I am familiar with.

Oracle's webcast on developer tools stresses the idea of choice. I guess that an Eclipse based IDE supporting NBP application development would actually be a great contribution to this idea.

******* The Conclusion

An Eclipse based IDE supporting NBP application development would be of benefit to all parties - at least from my point of view.

Eclipse developers could easily and streamlined develop NBP applications and those who are currently using NetBeans IDE are welcome to continue doing so. Overall, I guess, we would be left with more mature, stable and standardised Swing applications.

The reason why I post this on the MyEclipse forum is simply because both Genuitec and Oracle are strategic members of the Eclipse foundation while by now Oracle being the main sponsor of the NetBeans development team. Maybe Genuitec and Oracle could join resources on this feature request.

Further Genuitec has already proven expertise in bridging the NetBeans world and the Eclipse world when doing a tremendously great effort porting Matisse.

So why not, let?s bridge again ;-)

Thomas G.

Three cheers for Thomas G where, until informed otherwise, I will simply assume the "G" stands for "Great", i.e, Thomas the Great.

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