Milestone 1 of the GlassFish 3.1 Open Source Edition is now available from our promoted page as 3.1-b02: full distro (unix, windows, zip) and web distro (unix, windows, zip).

GlassFish has been following a Milestone model for many yearsand it works very well; for 3.1 we are documenting better each milestone (M1 content) and adding two new twists: demos to explain the new features, and community updates to enable Q&A.

Two of the features of M1 are Basic Clustering with Dynamic Reconfiguration, and Application Versioning. Each comes with its own demo which Tom (Clustering and Reconfiguration) and Hong (Versioning) presented yesterday to a small team (also see Arun's commentary).The demos are quite easy to set up; you can replicate them yourselves or you can go directly to Alexis's screencasts.

The Clustering Demo is very well documented; see Wiki page and associated WAR. Also see Arun's commentary as well as Alexis' screencast at YouTube (5:38').

I need to chase down the actual demo used for the Versioning piece - it was neat in that each version of the Web App deployed was a simple Hello World using different technologies: Servlet, JSF, JSP, EJBs, POJOs... The funtionality itself is very well documented: Basic Commands and Design Spec, and general page on Collaboration with Serli. For the demo, see Arun's commentary as well as Alexis' screencast at YouTube (5:02').

We will cover M1 and both screencasts at our next community update. Tentative date is 9am PT, Tuesday, January 8th.

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