Read this article by Ian Skerrett on Eclipse Zone and then read this blog entry by Chris Aniszczyk. Both Chris and Ian are prominent members of the Eclipse community. Their "take" on the new possibilities of NetBeans Platform applications to include OSGi bundles and even to run natively as OSGi bundles is interesting. Rather than saying: "Hey, awesome, great to hear!", both the responses seem to be along the lines of: "Welcome out of the stone age and, yes, we've been right all along!" Not exactly a warm embrace.
But, anyway, speaking of which, arguing along the same lines (i.e., "at last NetBeans has seen the light"), when is Eclipse going to run natively on Swing? That's the standard UI toolkit for Java desktop applications, isn't it? The point is, if your argument is that it's great that NetBeans can "finally, at last, hurray" run on the standard module system, isn't it weird that you consider it acceptable to run on your own proprietary UI toolkit?
It's not just me that thinks this, since probably (rough guess) 95% of those who choose to use the NetBeans Platform over Eclipse RCP (read some of their motivations here) do so because the NetBeans Platform uses the standard UI toolkit, while Eclipse doesn't. So, here's hoping Eclipse will continue operating in the stone age (i.e., using their own system while a standard system exists) of using SWT for all eternity since it is exactly this differentiator that has made the NetBeans Platform so popular. :-)

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