Here are some useful links to Oracle-related content that I recently discovered, as seen from the perspective of a "Sun classic" Oracle employee.

Start with Blogs.Oracle.Com. I had checked it out last year and then forgot about it but I just revisited it and I found the content quite interesting.BOC covers a number of topics, from the core Oracle DB, to ADF, to CEP, and more; a few recent examples are:
You can track BOC from the website, the RSS feed and @oracleblogs. BOC does not have as much volume as what BSC had, say, in early 09, but it's pretty close to today's BSC. And, BTW, Justin has indicated that the current plan is to merge BOC and BSC (and, yes, the BSC content will be preserved).

Like at Sun, plenty of useful content is generated outside of BOC, but,unlike BSC, BOC does not include a planet aggregator.Two useful planets are (RSS, @orafaq) and (RSS , @oraNA). I discovered oraNA first and I'm following it; sample posts from there:
Overall, there is quite a bit of community generated content around Oracle-related technologies. Oracle employees also seem to generate a healthy amount of content, I suspect tempered by things like culture and RevRec.A key difference is the lack of blogging from Oracle management:clearly,upper management has a different perspective.

Note - If you know of other key sources of information on Oracle, let me know via comments to this entry and I'll update the main post.

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