At first: Thank you for all your nice comments. They were a great help while thinking about the future of this blog. You are obviously right ... i can't allow a small amount of trolls, haters and frustrated people to impede the others reading my blog. So ... i will keep blogging here. I've discussed my issues with some colleagues, with personal friends and i slept a night over it ...

My frustration broke out over several problems: My blog was dismissed as a marketing blog in a comment. That's somewhat paradox, as i have strict policy of "never delete a comment" and "putting no one on spam-filter for longer than a comment"(just to show the person, who owns this blog .. did that 4 or 5 times in 6 years). A marketing blog would never do that, as this would dilute the the marketing story. So i was dismissed as a hired gun over a media that allowed people to express their opinion unmoderated.

My frustration got bigger, when i saw some news portals with "moderation only" policy not to activate articles that hinted the editor on obvious errors. I wanted to stay silent until all informations are available to write one large article. But all this articles with wrong information or at least paint-it-black-and-then-again urged me to give additional opinion.

It's all about opinions. I think a well-informed personal opinion about Solaris/Sun/Oracle is as important as explaining a Solaris feature for customers. I won't stop to express it here. Who can't live with it should just stop to read my blog ... now.

So it isn't about marketing, it's about giving a different perspective. I will use the $90 ODF plug-in as a example. Please leave it just undiscussed, i just post it explain, why i get to other conclusions with my mindset. It's from a mail i wrote to a friend:
Of course i was not involved in the decision as the commentator stated correctly. And everything in the next lines is just my personal opinion, but you know that already. Think about it from a IT and IT business perspective: Sun developed a ODF plugin. The home-user doesn't really need it, the small-office user doesn't really need it. The Openoffice/Staroffice user doesn't need it. The MS Office 2007 R2 doesn't really need it, and because of this companies staying on the MS Office path doesn't need it. There is just one group of users that need it. Companies in the migration to Openoffice, those migrations are often done by other companies, companies with large professional services divisions. So far, they got this plugin for no costs. That has obviously changed. Sun decided to give away this plugin for free to help adoption of StarOffice. Oracle decided differently.But people crying foul should think about the "Cui bono" of their doing.
Why i'm writing this: I have a different opinion about many points in IT ... i've learned a thing a two in my career. That doesn't make my point more correct than others. Just different.

I don't want to do marketing for Oracle/Sun. And to be more precise: I'm not allowed to do marketing for Oracle/Sun. Everything i'm expressing here, is just my personal opinion. That's the reason, why i need this disclaimer at the left The moment, someone would force me to do this my blog i would stop to write about Sun and just put technical articles.

And just to get it right: Yes, i'm paid by Sun, so yes ... i'm paid by Oracle. But not for blogging. My day job is Principal Field Technologist (one of a little over hundred at Sun) and Senior Systems Engineer.

I'm writing here as much as i can. We all have to learn, that Oracle is different about announcements. Things are announced when they are ready, when they are out, but then with a single big announcement. There are several good reasons to do so, ranging from fiscal reasons to - yes - marketing reasons.

My writing here is surely influenced by things i'm already know, but i can't express them here and i won't express them here. Thus i just ask for some trust i hoped to generate over the last few years. Not the trust to believe me, just the trust to wait until everything is on the table before declaring the end of the world. You don't have to believe me at all, but i don't allow anyone to question my motives, my integrity.

I don't have a problem with a healthy discussion, i love the intellectual challenge. And that's were my problems started. I can't just switch off the comments or activate "moderation only", as this would transform this blog into something i wouldn't like myself. However i was frustrated about people directing this against me.

However ... there will be changes. I've have to keep this endeavor interesting for me, to keep it fun. I don't want to wake up just to look up if there is a dicussion that gets totally out of control. Those haters, FUDsters, frustrated ones: Please keep in my mind that this unmoderated discussion opportunity is a privilege, not a right. To the frustrated customers: There is a mail address at the right side ... when you really can't get to a solution locally drop me a note. I'm not important at Sun, but i have have enough weight that it hurts when i step on someones toes. That's much more efficient than just writing frustrated comments. By the way: That's the basic difference betweeen FUDing and being frustrated - the will to work on a solution.

I will look into the blog2phpBB gate to build a tightly coupled community around this blog. Comments and discussion would find their place there, However the last three comments would be in the articles. I will have a closer look at it. If i think it impedes healthy discussions i will leave it the old way.

So after a night of healthy sleep and after being euphoric about solving a strange Kerberos config problem at a customer site yesterday evening i got to the decision, that will stay alive.

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