Here are some of the folks who blog actively about storage at Oracle, listed roughly in order of popularity.

(If I'm missing someone, please let me know in the comments - more sources are always welcome!)

Jeff Bonwick - the big daddy of ZFS

BigAdmin - Rick Ramsey's funny and very useful blog about what's going on in the world of admins, which includes, of course, storage - BIG storage

Brendan Gregg - the man who shouts at JBODs on Fishworks, storage, and performance

Adam Leventhal - Fishworks

Oracle Solaris Video - many, many technical videos about all aspects of Solaris storage

Bizarre ! Vous avez dit Bizarre ? - Roch (rhymes with Spock) Bourbonnais : Kernel Performance Engineering. What to know how to get the best performance out of ZFS? Roch's your man.

The Observation Deck - Bryan Cantrill, one of the daddies of DTrace

Fishworks - what it says

Erick Schrock - "Musings about Fishworks, Operating Systems, and the software that runs on them"

On the Edge of the Open Storage Frontier - Tom Haynes brings 'em back alive

Dominic Kay - beneath that self-effacing British exterior lurks a man who really knows file systems

Internal Affairs - Dave Pacheco on Fishworks

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