Ahead in the Clouds is a great Q&A series by MITRE, a US government federally funded research and development center (FFRDC). If you work for the government or a government contractor, definitely worth the read, heck, even if you don't, worth reading.
Of course, I highly recommend the Oracle + Sun Cloud Strategy Webcast. Oracle is doing so many things related to cloud computing its hard to highlight just one, but this webcast does a good job of introducing you to many of Oracle's offerings.
Marten Mickos' twitter page (from which I borrowed some of these links). As CEO of MySQL, Marten helped turn it into one of the most successful open source companies. These days, Oracle is busy helping customers use MySQL in the cloud, and Marten is over working as CEO at cloud startup Eucalyptus which I am sure he will help make equally successful.
Co-founded by another ex Sun employee, Manuel Jaffrin's GetApp.com is a virtual yellow pages for cloud apps, cataloging over 2900 business tools and apps along with user reviews and other helpful information. Before you start writing your own cloud app, its definitely worth a visit to GetApp to see whats already available. As you might expect, GetApp is completely hosted in the cloud, Manuel proudly claims the only computer he owns is his Mac laptop.
There is no shortage of ex Sun folks in the cloud business, Peder Ulander is now Chief Marketing Officer over at Cloud.com, another open source cloud platform.
And yes, while a lot of cloud computing is still marketing, there is a tremendous amount of real work going on in public and private clouds, like NASA's NEBULA Cloud Computing Platform. Its worth noting that NASA's cloud uses a number of Oracle product including the Lustre file system and MySQL database.
Please feel free to comment with your own favorite cloud links.

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