After almost my one month of work out on the MTB, it looks much easier for me, but at the same time what looks much difficult is to be outside every hour, every day during a time frame of 15days. What i think is harder than an average of 75km every step. It means i past the test of bike more than 40km with no problem during 2h. Moreover, i tested already the bike, i tested back-rear bags and the transported, with rain, water and wind.

Nevertheless, i discover how it's harder to be outside all day from sun rise to sun set, not just biking but also walking, or just stay on watching or making a simple photo. It means, the most important thing on the way is not only health and strong sport condition but also strong of mind, like in a regular ultra marathon or so (100km).

I plan to write two new post : my list of thing for the adventure, and my first issues in the way.

Meanwhile, my new schedule after review the steps, kilometers, pilgrim's hostels and bikes facilities on them.

Sunday 16th : Trip Madrid-Pamplona-Roncesvalles

Monday 17th : a) Roncesvalles-Puente la Reina = 66km

b) Roncesvalles-Estella = 88kkm

c) Rocesvalles-Monasterio de Irache = 90km

Tuesday 18th : a) Puente la Reina-Ventosa = 86km

b) Estella/Irache-Ventosa = 68km

c) Estella/Irache-Najera = 78km

Wednesday 19th : a) Ventosa-Villalbilla = 85km

b) Najera-Villalbilla = 75km

Thursday 20th : a) Villalbilla-Carrion de los Condes = 88km

b) Villalbilla-Formista = 61km

Friday 21st : a) Carrion de los Condes-Leon = 97km

b) Formista-Sahagun = 67km

Saturday 22nd: a) Leon-Rabanal del Camino = 66km

b) Sahagun-Leon = 57km

Sunday 23rd : a) Rabanal del Camino-O. Cebreiro = 86km

a.1) Rabanal del Camino-Vega de Valcarce = 72km

b) Leon-Rabanal del Camino = 66km

Monday 24th : a) O.Cebreiro-Sarria = 50km

a.1) Vega de Valcarce-Sarria = 64km

b) Rabanal del Camino-O.Cebreiro = 86km

b.1) Rabanal del Camino-Vega de Valcarce = 72km

Tuesday 25th : a) Sarria-Palas de Rei = 54km

b) O.Cebreiro-Sarria = 50km

b.1) Vega de Valcarce-Sarria = 64km

Wednesday 26th : a) Palas de Rei-Santiago de Compostela = 67km

b) Sarria-Palas de Rei = 54km

Thursday 27th : a) Santiago de Compostela-Faro Fisterra = 90km

b) Palas de Rei-Santiago de Compostela = 67km

Friday 28th : a) Bus from Fisterra to Santiago de Compostela to Madrid

b) Bus from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid

Saturday&Sunday : Talk all the adventure to my two sons

Another very good choice is if i can advance any on the first sunday (16th). If i could share a taxi or any other way of be there as soon as i can in order to try take the bike on the way. Then i can make option b) with 11days, plus Fisterra as an extra day, instead of 10 days of option a). Anyway the first choice is 11 days without Fisterra in the way, option b).

Any feedback on the steps??? any advices???

Be in touch ! (I'll post all the trip/photos by tweeter)

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