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Source Juicer ( is a recently deployed Opensolaris website who's purpose it is to encourage community porting efforts for the solaris platform. Opensolaris now has two community governed IPS package respoitories, /pending and /contrib and Source Juicer delivers software into these repos. Source Juicer has two main components, the first is a web application that is responsible for accepting and managing community initiated package submissions. When a submission is made, a review thread is created allowing for community members comments and review of the package. At the same time as generating the review thread, the system attempts to build the package and if successful, it is published into the /pending repository. Once the submission has received two positive votes from designated approvers the package is promoted to the /contrib repository, where it is available as a community supported package. The second component is called BuildGrid, which builds and publishes packages. BuildGrid uses a number of Opensolaris technologies, namely ZFS, Zones, IPS & Pkgbuild to build the packages. The BuildGrid requires at least one spec file and one copyright file to successfully build a package. Its scalable and robust architecture allows for the continuous and simultaneous building of packages for different releases and different architectures. Included in the future plans of the Source Juicer development team is the goal to migrate the current release engineering process for the desktop consolidation to the Source Juicer application. This will provide the twin advantages of enhancing community involvement with the Desktop components of Opensolaris and moving away from the existing lengthy and cumbersome nightly builds to a continuous package-by-package build. Also covered in the talk will be a a look at the origination of the project, a detailed look at the architecture and a brief walk-through of the creating and reviewing of a submission, plus the building and installing of a package.

Brian Nitz has been a software engineer since 1988. His contributions include support and service productivity tools for radiology workstations, QA and performance tools the successful deployment of over 7000 Sun JDS (Linux) desktops at a large bank, a multidatabase defect management system and components of the sourcejuicer package build web service He lives in Ireland with his wife and two kids where he enjoys travel, sailing and photography.
Mark Duggan has worked since 1990 as a contract system administrator/integrator in Ireland and in the US, focusing on thin client solutions and Solaris/Linux backend services. Since joining Sun's Dublin based Desktop Engineering group in 2000, he has been a member of the desktop QA/RE team. Besides this engineering work he has also had a special focus on the promotion of Sun's desktop products, in the form of customer facing presentations and proof of concept pilots. In the past year, he has been responsible, as project lead, for the community oriented Source Juicer project, involved at all stages from conception, design, development and deployment of web application and backend build system.

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