The Aquarium reports on the GlassFish Enterprise Manager, which includes this PDF document, where you can see that Oracle is using the NetBeans Platform as the basis of the GlassFish performance monitor tool:

The performance monitor, part of a commercial offering, i.e., part of the GlassFish Enterprise Manager, also illustrates how the Oracle GlassFish team is actually making money via the NetBeans Platform! It also illustrates the point that typically, when the NetBeans Platform is used somewhere, no mention is made of it, in any shape or form. After all, in press releases or technical documentation, do you read about JDOM being used, for example? Or any other library? No, normally documentation and press releases talk about the application's features and how to use them, not about which libraries and frameworks were used to create the application in the first place. As a result, a very unbalanced picture remains for anyone attempting to evaluate how broadly a library is being used... unless one dives a bit more deeply into Google or other search engines, which results in a list of around 150 examples of NetBeans Platform applications now being available. By the end of this year, I estimate that that list could easily reach to a list of over 200 applications, the majority of them large industrial commercial enterprise applications, of the kind created at Boeing, NASA, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon, i.e., the kind making use of large industrial commercial enterprise database servers and other software & hardware typical to the work environment of large industrial commercial enterprises.
Furthermore, the performance monitor illustrates the relevance of desktop applications in the context of web technologies. But, of course, anyone interested in evaluating the usefulness of desktop technologies in "today's day and age", will have done their homework on this point, i.e., will have read, among other things, what actual developers and architects actually think when it comes to the relevance of the desktop, e.g., via the article consisting of nothing but actual quotes from developers and architects (as opposed to idle speculation by marketing departments and analysts): "Why is your desktop app not a web app?"

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