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DTrace is a very powerful tool for diagnosing system problems but dealing with the plethora of data can be a challenge. That is where the open source Chime Visualization Tool comes into play. Its ability to graph data, sort columns arbitrarily, and display data over time offers convenience and better visibility of system and application behavior. Additionally, Chime can display moving averages and has other options such as record and playback. This presentation will introduce users to the Chime Visualization Tool for DTrace. This is a high level demonstration so prior knowledge of DTrace is not necessary. I will demonstrate how to use Chime's existing traces, specifically scripts from the DTrace Toolkit, and how a user can add their own traces by using the wizard. Chime will be used in live demonstrations of several typical problems a user may have and show how easy it is to find the cause of the problem.

Bill Rushmore is a software developer who has been involved with the OpenSolaris community since it's inception. I joined Sun Microsystems last year working in the OpenSolaris Developer Collaboration team. My responsibilities include running,, and In my spare time I work on the Chime project and am one of the leaders of the project.

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