You want the source view of your multiview editor to display an XML file in the NetBeans XML Editor? Nothing simpler—take the following steps:
  1. Download and install this plugin from the Plugin Portal.
  2. Go to the New Project dialog, find the "Abc MultiView Sample" in Samples | NetBeans Modules and complete the wizard.
  3. In the Projects window, open "AbcResolver.xml" and replace its content with the following:
  4. Then go to the layer.xml file and change "x-abc" to to "x-abc+xml", in line 6 and in line 70.
  5. Somewhere on your hard drive, create a file with ".xml" as the file extension and then define its content as follows: Describes tasks and related jobs. blabla1 hmmm1 hmmm2 blabla2 hmmm3 hmmm4
    Run the application, go to the Favorites window, open the file you created above and then you should see this in the Text view:

You have now modified the sample module so that it supports an XML file by opening it in the NetBeans XML Editor, which wasn't needed by the non-XML file that the sample supports by default. Learn from the source code and apply to your own scenario. Stir briskly and eat while hot.

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