I joined Sun on July 11th 1995, so I'm very close to making 15 years now that I'm being assimilated into Oracle on May 1st - it is a pity I didn't make it all the way.

I've been posting entries in this blog since April 4th 2004, and now that I'm being sucked into the huge beast that Oracle is, I'm going to end this blog and start posting stuff at http://blog.codenursery.com/ instead, to allow me to speak freely without fear of violating some corporate policy of what I can and can't say.

Code Nursery is where I spend my spare time - working on open source projects I find interesting, like:

Or helping friends and family build websites for their interest groups or small businesses - just for the mental exercise and that I like keeping myself up to date with new technology!

According to the "Proprietary Information Agreement" I signed today, Oracle wants to claim everything I do that falls under "any current or reasonably anticipated business of Oracle" ... "whether or not conceived during regular business hours". Luckily that doesn't hold up in court in Sweden, they can only claim stuff that I do at work which is related to what I'm hired to do.

However, to continue contributing to open source projects I have to be really careful not to mix business with pleasure, so that is yet another reason for me to move away from the corporate site, and use my hardware on my spare time from now on.

For those of you who come here for Solaris auditing information - I'm gradually going to review all those posts I've made over the years and do a "clean-room rewrite" of them at the new blog, so keep your eyes peeled if you are an audit junkie like me :)

That's all I had to say - now mosey on over to the new site and read about how I access it securely...


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