StorageCraft Releases ShadowProtect Server 4.0
... new VirtualBoot(TM) technology to give administrators the ability to boot any ShadowProtect backup image into a virtual machine using Sun VirtualBox. ...

Virtualbox: Ubuntu netinstall problems |
By Florian
I used Virtualbox version 3.1.6 and for some reason it automatically selected the ?Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop? network card. The problem then was that it got IP from my DHCP and also seemed to have loaded files from the TFTP, ... -
Darwin-IT: Shared folders in VirtualBox
By Martien van den Akker
If you have installed the VirtualBox guest-additions then you can use the SharedFolders functionality as well. This might be a usefull differentiating feature over VMware Server. VMware Workstation has this feature as well, ...
Darwin-IT -

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