As announced yesterday in the White House technology blog, Dave Cole and his team have developed several additions to the open source Drupal website content management system (which is used to run Specifically, one of their contributions is the module Node Embed, which contains explicit support for making media accessible on Drupal-based websites.
As stated by Dave Cole in his blog posting: We take very seriously our obligation to make sure is as accessible as possible and are committed to meeting the government accessibility standard, Section 508. As part of that compliance, we want to make sure all images on our site have the appropriate metadata to make them readable on by screen reading software. To help us meet this, while making it easier to manage the rich photos and video content you see on our site, we've developed "Node Embed."

To my knowledge, this marks the first time that any arm of any government has formally contributed open source accessibility code to an open source project. And in this case, as noted in the Node Embed source code viewing interface, "all code is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later".
Very cool!

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