The NetBeans team has now made version 6.9 beta available. Looking at it from the Java EE perspective you'll notice a focus on CDI (JSR 299 - Context and Dependency Injection) with improved support over 6.8. This includes proper EL completion on @Named beans, automatic creation of beans.xml, and more.

There are no less than four tutorials on CDI: Getting Started with Contexts and Dependency Injection and JSF 2.0, Working with Injection and Qualifiers in CDI, Using CDI Injection to Perform Custom Validation, and Working with Events in CDI. In the web development space, you'll also get CSS refactoring and RESTful Web Services support for RCP apps.

OSGi and JavaFX are two other major themes in this 6.9 beta release. NetBeans now offers OSGi interoperability at the core platform level which makes it possible to develop and consume OSGi bundles with Felix 2.0.3 and experimental Equinox support. One can now also convert NetBeans modules into OSGi bundles and run them in an unmodified OSGi container.

On the JavaFX front, this release integrates the Composer (a visual editor for form-like UI, previously in preview) and more generally support for JavaFX 1.3 (SoMa). This version of the technology offers new and enhanced UI controls, TV development support and across the board performance improvements.

For more details on this release, check out the New and Noteworthy page. Next stop for NetBeans 6.9 : June! Until then, make sure you try out the beta.

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