As a reminder, we maintain a GeoMap at which tracks GlassFish usage as reported by the admin console. This tracks approximate usage and not just downloads with DHCP causing over-count while proxies and people using command-line or IDE's causing an under-count. Yet we find it to be a very valuable data both for us to understand the relative growth and for the community to see local adoption.

The infrastructure to create these maps uses a number of steps (parsing logs, running Hadoop jobs, copying results to the production server, ...) is not fully automated and as a result the last few months have seen some delays in producing the maps. I'm happy to report that we're now back on track with some pretty good figures for the month of March 2010 :

Monthly Admin Pings - 693,564 (new record)
Monthly Admin Pings - 51,593 distinct IPs (new record)
Cumulative 14,372,175 Admin Pings from 968,662 different IPs

See live or large map. For a full set of charts, check out this archived image.

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